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17th Huangshan Intl Tourism Festival kicks off  2013-11-18
The 17th China Huangshan International Tourism Festival and Hui Culture Festival kicked off in Huangshan city, Anhui province, on Nov 17.

Beautiful cliffside village promotes tourism  2013-11-18
Residents from a village on Yuehua Street of Qiyunshan Mountain in Anhui province built their cottage on a cliff. The cottage, including temples and monasteries, creates a unique scene on the mountain.

Pint-sized snooker prodigy  2013-11-18
A 3-year-old Chinese snooker player in Xuancheng, Anhui province, is capturing attention after a video of him appeared on the Internet.

Hot spring in Lujiang  2013-11-18
Girls enjoying fower petals hot spring in Tangchi spa village, Lujiang county, Hefei city, Anhui province.

Urbanization takes toll on wetlands  2013-11-15
Ten percent of China's wetlands have vanished over the past decade as urban development has advanced, a forestry official said at the launch of a national wetlands conservation project on Wednesday.

Qimen launches protection of ancient stages  2013-11-15
The renovation of Yuqingtang ancient stage in Qimen county, Anhui province, is drawing to an end.

Huangshan releases new ways to promote winter tourism  2013-11-15
The city of Huangshan, Anhui province, will actively promote specific tourism products this winter under the theme “Feel Winter in Huangshan and Make Dreams Come True in Huizhou,” the Huangshan municipal tourism bureau recently announced.

Zuiweng Pavilion to undergo renovation  2013-11-15
A renovation plan and blueprint on historical architecture in the Zuiweng Pavilion scenic area in Xuzhou city, Anhui province, was released at a press conference for the pavilion's repair project on Nov 1, reported.

Soccer prediction  2013-11-15
A survey by an Indonesian website shows that nearly 80 percent of local people believe the Indonesian soccer team will beat the Chinese team on Friday night. Some soccer fans even expected that the result would be 20 to 0, and only 14.2 percent of people said the Chinese soccer team will win the game, which will be played in Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, according to the survey by Indonesia's

Cleaner skies good for business  2013-11-13
Governments and companies are increasingly taking advantage of the unscathed ecological environment in their regions to lure investment amid concerns pollution is taking its toll on health.