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Hefei launches campaign to promote Li Hongzhang's life  2014-01-07
No 6 High School of Hefei in Anhui province launched the “Approaching Li Hongzhang” campaign at the main campus passageway on Dec 25, 2013.

Raising a glass, and a bid, to China's liquor  2014-01-06
Members of the Gujing Group and its subsidiary the Anhui Gujing Distillery Co (Gujing Distillery) hosted a liquor auction in New York on Sunday to help promote interest in China's age-old liquor industry.

A growing industry in a growing province  2014-01-06
With about 20 million births in China every year, the baby products market is huge. The world's biggest companies in the field - Procter & Gamble Co, Johnson & Johnson, Pigeon Corp and the like - are all battling to control it.

Recycling gathers at a much faster pace  2014-01-06
With the process of modernization and industrial development, migrants have flooded into the Hefei Economic Technological Development Area.

Big companies want to be in Hefei  2014-01-06
It came as no surprise when The Economist magazine named five Chinese cities as the fastest-growing metropolitan economies in the world in 2012. What was unexpected was which they were. Not Guangzhou, Shanghai or Chongqing, but places such as Baotou, Anshan and - topping the list - Hefei, the capital of Anhui province.

Culture that counts  2014-01-05
New interest in the ancient abacus can be seen on a preschool's blackboard, which is covered with photos of fruit with price tags and the ancient calculation device.

Combined bridge with world's longest span joined  2014-01-02
On December 19, the Tongling Yangze River Combined Bridge in central China’s Anhui province was successfully joined.

Red alert issued on snowfall in Huangshan  2014-01-02
On Dec 17th, 2013, Anhui Tiantangzhai scenic spot embraced its first snowfall of this winter.

Anhui to add eight national geographical indication products  2014-01-02
Anhui Quality Control Bureau recently announced that Anhui province is expected to increase eight national geographical indication products.

Warmest New Year's Day in Beijing for six decades  2014-01-02
Beijing's warmest New Year's Day in decades saw people flood outdoors on Wednesday, the first day of 2014.