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Chinese bellybands easy to stomach  2013-12-12
Handmade bellybands were for sale in the streets of Hefei, in Anhui province, on Dec 10, 2013.

Pilot areas to focus on student development  2013-12-12
Thirty pilot areas will establish their multi-evaluation systems to enhance student development in primary and secondary schools.

Professor says the study of leaves is now just his cup of tea  2013-12-12
Xia Tao, a 51-year-old professor of tea science at Anhui Agricultural University, has been taking four tea breaks every day for decades.

World Bank backs ancient Huizhou's new rural construction  2013-12-11
A $100 million loan from the World Bank will be used for infrastructure construction, cultural heritage protection and exploitation, local industry development, and management enhancement.

Visit Bozhou Museum at home  2013-12-11
Visitors are now able to visit Bozhou Museum at home as the digital museum, created by the University of Science and Technology of China, has gone live on the Bozhou Museum website (

Free reading and heating  2013-12-09
Many bookstores in Fuyang, Anhui province,are well-heated, which attracts children to come for both reading and warmth.

Cities hit hard by smog  2013-12-09
Major urban areas face reduced visibility, increased accidents over the weekend, Wu Wencong reports in Tianjin and Beijing.

Smog to persist in eastern China  2013-12-08
Smog will persist in eastern China until Monday, though it will disperse in northern China on Sunday, according to the China Meteorological Center.

Haze continues to shroud east, north China  2013-12-07
Heavy haze still shrouded north and east China on Saturday, with highways closed and flights delayed or canceled following an orange alert for haze.

China issues higher alert for worsening smog  2013-12-07
Lingering smog in the country's central and eastern regions is expected to end on December 9, according to the China Meteorological Center.