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Qiyun Mountain, Home of Taoists
Mulian Opera in Qimen Town
An unforgettable night in a tent in Huangshan
Travel tips of Yellow Mountain
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Qiyun Mountain, Home of Taoists
Qiyun Mountain is most often mentioned as a footnote to the Yellow Mountain, which is one of China's 'big five' mountains. But it turns out that Qiyun Mountain is no less impressive than its famous brother in terms of both natural scenery and cultural significance.

Mulian Opera in Qimen Town
Mulian Opera got its name from a play named 'Mulian Rescues His Mother'. As the oldest theatric genre, it can be called the ancestor of dramas. The tale can be traced back to Buddhist scriptures. For hundreds of years, Mulian Opera has enjoyed great popularity among people, due to its features.

An unforgettable night in a tent in Huangshan
Last year's springtime had been the perfect moment to finally visit the Yellow Mountain area (Huangshan) to go for a hike and see the beautiful scenery that attracts so many visitors.

Travel tips of Yellow Mountain
I have summed up three travel routes and some travel tips of the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan Mountain). I would like to share with you. Hope it do some favor to you.

Tour Huangshan Mountain in rainy and foggy days
I have appreciated China's most beautiful water in Jiuzhaigou Valley. This summer holiday, I planned to visit its most beautiful mountain. My friend recommended Huangshan Mountain and I indeed went there.

Sermons on the mount
Tianzhu Mountain's majesty enticed men of letters to leave their calligraphic legacies on its face.

Yellow Mountain II: from sunrise to sunset
It's before 5:00 am, New Year' Eve 2007 and I shouldn't be awake, but I am. It's been a night of snatched pieces of sleep in between long, cold wakeful hours. My small flask that has doubled as a life-saving hot-water bottle is now beginning to get a film of ice on it. Nothing else for it, I get up.

Yellow Mountain I: up the eastern steps to the North Sea
In an effort to spice up what would otherwise have been a largely forgettable New Year, I came up with a last minute plan to spend three days at Yellow Mountain. I have divided my journey into three, as follows:

Yellow Mountain (HuangShan Mountain)
Today, I want to talk about Yellow Mountain (Huangshan Mountain). I will simply introduce it first, but the main part of my presentation is about the luck I got for visiting the "Huangshan in cloud" and some of my feelings about it.

Yellow Mountain III: descending the Western Steps
At least I have a heater this evening, and the miniscule room I'm in somehow manages to accommodate three bunk beds, sleeping a total of six people. My Chinese roommates, I notice, have all opted for the same meal as I, and so we sit huddled around our tea eggs, pot noodles and heater.

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