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17th China Huangshan International Tourism & Hui Culture Festival
The 17th China Huangshan International Tourism & Hui Culture Festival opened on November 17 in the city of Huangshan, Anhui province.

Anhui Longchuan
Longchuan is a picturesque village in southwestern Anhui province. Nestled between Feng and Chaohu Mountains, the 1600-year-old village enjoys a pastoral setting that recalls an ancient Chinese landscape painting. Longchuan's rows of traditional Hui-style homes built along deep, narrow alleys complete the feeling of a China long forgotten.

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Shuangfeng aims for national-level economic development area
There has been a number of cities in Auhui province emerging recently along a 400-kilometer stretch of the Wanjiang River that are the focus of a new national economic modernization plan, centered on Anhui, the provincial capital.

Reviving a unique Anhui merchant culture
Over a thousand-year period, the merchants of Anhui province, collectively known as the Huishang, became a legend for their hard work, enterprise, and honesty and made a unique contribution to China's development.

29th Jiuhua Mountain Temple Fair
29th Jiuhua Mountain Temple Fair

2011 Chinese Culture Tour in Anhui
The 2011 Chinese Culture Tour in Anhui and the 8th China Global Tours Forum were held at the Sofitel Grand Park Hefei from Feb 19 to Feb 21.

2010-1011 Anhui Winter Tours
Anhui province recently launched a winter tourism promotion event in an effort to attract more tourists for the season from Dec 1, 2010 to Mar 15, 2011. Tourists would be able to enjoy a rich winter feast.

Expoca--Hui merchants conference 2010
The Sixth International Huishang Conference will be held at the Hefei International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 20-23.

Travel in Anhui during 2010 Shanghai World Expo
Only three to four hours drive from Shanghai, the natural beauty and rich culture and heritage of Anhui will provide a great escape from the urban vistas of the metropolis and are sure to attract many visitors.

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