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Both nature and history have endowed this magic land with abundant resources, including Mountain Huangshan, which is said to offer the best landscape view in China. On this page, you will discover more about the visual feast Anhui province is going to serve you.
  Natural Sights
  Huangshan Mountain
Rating: AAAAA
Location: Huangshan
It's an amalgamation of all the merits of other mountains.
  Jiuhua Mountain
Rating: AAAAA
Location: Chizhou
It is a majestic sight and a holy site where Buddhists assemble.
  Dabie Mountain Geological Park
Rating: AAAA
Location: Lu'an
Different kinds of landforms can be found here.
  Tianzhu Mountain
Rating: AAAA
Loacation: Anqing
It got its name from the highest peak--"Heavenly Pillar Peak".
  Cultural Sights
  Hongcun Village
Rating: AAAA
Location: Huangshan
The construction was designed in similarity to a baffalo's body structure.
  Taohua (Peach Blossom) Pool
Rating: AAAA
Location: Xuancheng
Visitors can enjoy the pleasure of both ecological and cultural and leisure tours here.
  The Hu-Family Ancestral Hall in Longchuan
Rating: AAAA
Location: Huangshan
It is a family ancestral hall for both Hu Fu and Hu Zongxian, two high-level officials in the Ming Dynasty.
  Xiushanmeng Museum
Rating: AAA
Location: Chizhou
Xiushanmeng Museum features wood, stone and brick carvings. There are more than 4,000 antiques in the museum.
  Entertainment Parks
  Hefei Wildlife Zoo
Rating: AAAA
Location: Hefei
It is home to about 2 000 animals and birds, and some animals from other countries
  Wuhu Fantawild Adventure Theme Park
Rating: AAAA
Location: Wuhu
It's the largest fourth-generation theme park in China.
  Chinese Alligator Lake
Rating: AAA
Location: Xuancheng
It is home to the Chinese alligator, the first-class animal under state protection.
  Longhu Park
Rating: AA
Location: Huainan
There are four islands on the lake, each with its pavilion surrounded by flourishing trees filled with birds.