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Main structure of Tongling Yangtze Rail Bridge completed  2014-03-20
On March 10, at the Tongling Yangtze River Rail Bridge (Beijing to Fuzhou) site, workers put the finishing touches into the construction of the floor levels system.

Highway charges halted on Tomb-sweeping Day  2014-03-20
Highways in Anhui province will open for free for cars of seven seats and under during the three-day Tomb-sweeping holiday, which starts on April 5.

Five Huangshan villages given Historical and Cultural Town title  2014-03-19
Recently, five villages in the city of Huangshan, Anhui province gained the title of‘Historical and Cultural Town in China’.

Anhui steps into national advanced forestry province  2014-03-19
Anhui planted 202,767 hectares of trees last year, turning it into a green province.

Travel passport sell well in Ma'an Mountain  2014-03-19
Ever since its launch on January 5, nearly 10 thousand through ticket passports issued by Anhui province postal service have been sold.

Tourists offered compensation for bad air days  2014-03-19
Tourists will soon have the chance to be compensated financially if they encounter haze and smoggy days during their trips.

More flights available from Hefei to Taipei in July  2014-03-18
Anhui Civil Aviation Airport Group has announced that Taiwan's China Airlines will launch an air route between Taipei and Hefei in Anhui province this July, Hefei Daily reported.

North Square of Hefei South Station is under refurbishment  2014-03-18
The interior decoration of Hefei South Station's North Square was started recently and is expected to open to the public in August with a brand new look.

Three ancient relics detected in Taiping Lake  2014-03-18
From March 2 to 3, an expeditionary team from the Provincial Institute of Archaeology and the National Museum’s Underwater Archaeology Research Center, came to Taiping Lake to undertake mysterious underwater archaeological work.

Light rail and duty-free shopping to be available  2014-03-18
The demonstration area will strengthen the overall development and utilization of the site, offering light rail interoperability among three famous scenic areas in Anhui province