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New tourism law spurs Chinese independent travel  2013-10-09
China's first tourism law, in aiming to upgrade the country's tourism industry, has caused travel agencies to raise prices, spurring more Chinese to become independent travelers.

Chinese spend National Day holiday in fog and frugality  2013-10-09
Golden Week, China's National Day holiday ends on Monday Oct.7, and has been marked by prolonged foggy weather in north China and a national campaign of frugality.

Travel rush witnessed at Hefei Railway Station  2013-10-08
Hefei Railway Station witnessed a travel rush on Sunday as many people return home from a week-long holiday.

Huangshan Mountain to cap daily capacity at 50,000  2013-10-08
Starting on Oct 1, Huangshan Mountain in East China's Anhui province will set its daily maximum capacity at 50,000 for ordinary days and 35,000 in adverse weather conditions.

Travel in Chaohu Lake on Travel-1  2013-09-30
Still undecided on where to spend your National Day holiday? Consider a leisure trip specially launched for the holiday by Baohe district, Hefei city, on September 24.

National Day Heralded across China  2013-09-29
Young students scribble national flags to celebrate the 64th National Day of China, in Bozhou city, East China's Anhui province.

Hefei to launch National Day ‘culture combo’  2013-09-27
As the National Day holiday approaches, Hefei city in Anhui province is planning to launch a 'culture combo' that will include the first Cultural Activity Week.

Huangshan Airport opens Tianjin-Huangshan-Haikou route  2013-09-27
To meet the increased market demand during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, Huangshan Airport, together with Tianjin Airlines, opened a new Tianjin-Huangshan-Haikou route on September 19.

Autumn in Tachuan  2013-09-26
If Hongcun Village is an old man with hoary hair, Tachuan Village is a charming young woman.

Asian Rowing Championships kicks off in Anhui  2013-09-26
The 15th Asian Rowing Championships kicked off in Lu'an city, east China's Anhui province on September 25.