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Exploring Anhui's ancient villages  2013-12-06
The villages of Anhui province are known for their rich beauty and historic cultural value.

Hefei hosts Derung ethnic group photo exhibition  2013-12-06
Jointly organized by the department of communication of Anhui Normal University and the Anhui Photographers Association, a photo exhibition on the Derung ethnic group’s folk customs was held on November 23.

Carrefour shops around for new locations in China  2013-12-06
French Carrefour SA, the world's second-largest retailer by revenue, plans to open 20 new hypermarkets annually and enter 30 new cities in the next three years, a move to keep up a strong expansion pace in further developing markets in lower-tier cities in western and central China.

Smog disrupts daily life in Nanjing  2013-12-06
Parents complain as city schools close due to high pollution levels

New, trial version of ticket booking goes online  2013-12-05
The trial run of a new version of the website of China Railway Customer Service Center, which provides online ticket booking service, will begin on Dec 6.

China promotes energy-efficient buildings  2013-12-05
Energy-efficient technologies will be promoted in 20 brick manufacturing plants and 40 villages across China next year,.

China's Most Beautiful Villages unveiled  2013-12-05
The award ceremony for the CCTV 2013 China's Most Beautiful Villages was held in Yonglian, Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on November 30.

A sight for sore thighs  2013-12-05
A race to the summit of Mount Huangshan is a fitness test with a view, Gao Changxin finds.

Anhui architecture shows glamor of history  2013-12-05
Hongcun village, a 900-year-old settlement located at the foot of Mount Huangshan, boasts typical Anhui-style architecture and carvings that are said to be among the best-preserved of their kind in China.

For better guiding services  2013-12-05
Anhui will improve the language skills of local tour guides to better serve the growing number of foreign tourists, the provincial governmental authorities said recently.