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Foreign demand for goods adds to air blight  2014-01-23
Manufacturing goods in China for export contributes significantly to the country's severe air pollution problem, a recent study showed.

Enumerating the efficiency of robots  2014-01-23
A twin degree in law and business helped Till Reuter secure jobs in leading investment banks and law firms over the decades. But to oversee a robotics company.

Winter break fun  2014-01-23
Two girls enjoyed spending a day at Tangling park in Bozhou, East China's Anhui province, Jan 21, 2014.

Huizhou Folk Culture Festival kicks off in Huangshan  2014-01-22
Artists perform the Huangmei Opera Emperor's Female Son-in-Law at the Huizhou Folk Culture Festival, Huangshan, Anhui province, on January 15.

Travel in Anqing integrates opera culture  2014-01-22
Anqing city integrates the culture of Huangmei Opera into its tourism, offering visitors authentic opera, Huangmei-themed accommodations, meals and souvenirs.

Scenic areas and communities develop hand in hand  2014-01-22
According to the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau, environment renovation work for areas surrounding scenic spots in the province will be carried out in the next three years.

Binhu Forest Park goes national  2014-01-22
Binhu Wetland Forest Park officially became a national forest park on Dec 30, 2013. Hefei city therefore has become the only city in China with two national forest parks in its central area.

Expressway service hotline 12122 starts trial operation  2014-01-21
The service hotline for Anhui’s expressway 12122 started trial operations on January 16, the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush.

Hefei: Outbound and long-distance tours popular for Spring Festival  2014-01-21
With Spring Festival approaching, travel agencies are seeing peak numbers.

Anhui passenger flow volume may reach 91.54 million during chunyun  2014-01-21
It's estimated that passenger flow volume may reach 91.54 million in Anhui during the 40-day travel period around Spring Festival.