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Prosecutors aim for tougher environment laws  2014-02-28
The top procuratorate has announced a new nationwide campaign targeting environment-related crimes and seeking to combat official malpractice or corruption in facilitating such crimes.

Anhui Good Person Museum to open before May  2014-02-27
Before May Day of 2014, citizens will be able to learn about good persons in Anhui city and their good deeds in the new Anhui Good Person Museum.

Renamed "Hefei Bird's Nest" to open in 2014  2014-02-27
Though the specific date has yet to be decided, the openning of "Hefei Bird's Nest" will surely happen in 2014.

Dabian Mountain pro-poor tourism tunnel to be finished by August  2014-02-26
By February 24, the construction of the Dabie Mountain pro-poor tourism project had completed 31 percent of the total at a value of 110 million yuan ($17.9m).

The 11th Huanqiu Tourism Forum starts on February 21  2014-02-26
With the theme of "Abolishment and Establishment: thoughts about the future path of the agency", the 11th Huanqiu Tourism Forum was launched in Hefei city on February 21.

Travel passport to be released  2014-02-26
A so-called travel passport for Bozhou city, Anhui province is currently in print and is expected to be released in March. If you spend 100 yuan ($16.3) for the passport, you can visit ten tourist attractions in the city without limit.

Cold front to sweep smog away  2014-02-26
A cold front will bring wind, rain and snowfall to northern China starting Wednesday, and is expected to disperse the week-long smog.

Primary students mark Int'l Mother Language Day  2014-02-24
Students read "Lun Yu", or the Analects of Confucius , at Xiyou Primary School in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province, Feb. 21, 2014.

Anhui pushes forward its international tourism project  2014-02-24
Anhui province has delivered a framework plan for an international tourism project in its southern part to the State Council for approval.

Anhui tourist attractions try PM2.5 monitoring  2014-02-24
Several tourist attractions in Anhui province have tried to monitor the indices of PM2.5 and negative oxygen ions, intending to provide more information for future visitors.