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New Year's Eve expressway travel not free in Anhui  2014-01-15
The Anhui provincial expressway authority recently confirmed that the expressway will not be free of charge on Chinese New Year's Eve, which falls on January 30.

Public transportation gains favor in Wuhu  2014-01-15
City Bus Group in the city of Wuhu, Anhui province, recently announced that in 2013 bus lines in Wuhu city operated across 80.97 million kilometers, an increase of 6.18 percent from last year.

Anhui to offer more tourism attractions  2014-01-15
Recently, an activity entitled Beautiful Winter in Anhui held by the Anhui Tourism Bureau took place in many cities, including Chuzhou, Maanshan, Wuhu and Xuancheng.

China's automakers shun Detroit show  2014-01-15
Meeting safety and emissions standards in the US a key factor for manufacturers

Anhui honors foreign experts  2014-01-14
The Anhui provincial government held its 13th Huangshan Mountain Friendship Awards ceremony, in the capital Hefei, on Jan 9, to recognize the contributions of 15 foreign experts.

China releases Beautiful China Rankings  2014-01-14
The first Beautiful China Research Institute---- Beautiful China Research Institute of Sichuan University officially released the Beautiful China Provinces Construction Level Research Report 2013 and the Beautiful China Provincial Capitals and Sub-provincial Cities Construction Level Research Report 2013.

China issues fog alerts  2014-01-14
Yellow alerts for fog in China's southern regions were issued on Monday Jan 13 by the country's central observatory, as continuous rainfall increased humidity.

High price of World Cup travel hits fans hard  2014-01-14
With the 2014 Brazil World Cup five months away, some Anhui travel agencies are working out World Cup travel routes. But prices vary from 75,000 yuan ($12,381) to 400,000 yuan ($66,032), which for many, are far too expensive.

Cake museum opens in Anhui  2014-01-14
Huizhou District Cake Museum is open to the public from Jan 12, 2014. It covers an area of more than 9,600 square meters.

Rural grid upgrades to ensure reliable power supply  2014-01-14
Braving the cold, an electric technician works on power lines in Quanjiao county, Chuzhou city, East China's Anhui Province, Jan 13, 2014.