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13 inter-city rail lines to cater for 11 cities in Anhui  2014-05-16
In the coming years, Anhui's residents will have the chance to travel conveniently within the province by taking 13 inter-city rail lines, centered on Hefei.

"Taiping Lake" cruise sets sail  2014-05-15
On May 9, a "Taiping Lake" cruise sailing ceremony was held at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.

9th International Raspberry Meeting kicks off in Fengyang  2014-05-15
On May 12, the Ninth International Raspberry Meeting kicked off in Fengyang county, Anhui province.

A bite of China  2014-05-15
Photo taken on April 25, 2013 shows various flavors of preserved beancurd products in Feixi county, east China's Anhui province.

Dragon kiln unearthed in Fanchang, Wuhu  2014-05-14
A 35-meter-long dragon kiln has surfaced in Fanchang county, Wuhu city, after an archaeological team put in a great deal of hard work

Hefei South high-speed railway station name board unveiled  2014-05-14
The eye-catching "Hefei South high-speed railway station" name board was recently unveiled, with the words "He Fei Nan Zhan" in red.

Chuzhou brings in 10 billion yuan to build "Hengdian of Anhui"  2014-05-14
Chuzhou has just signed a contract with Zhejiang enterprises for a 2-billion-yuan ($0.32billion) project in its Science Education Park.

New water park projects in Anhui  2014-05-13
With the summer approaching, many scenic areas in Anhui province are developing water park projects.

Hefei to become National Forest City  2014-05-13
Bare land on both sides of the main roads within the second ring of Hefei city will be turned green by the end of 2014. Hefei is likely to receive the honor of being a national forest city in September.

Dragon Boat Festival holiday railway tickets on sale  2014-05-13
Railway tickets for the first day (May 31) of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday officially opened for sale on May 12 with travelers being able to book tickets online or by phone.