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Home prices drop in more Chinese cities  2014-05-20
China's property sector showed new signs of cooling in April, with more Chinese cities reporting month-on-month drops in prices and fewer cities reporting gains, official data showed on Sunday.

Wuhu wins the title of "Excellent City"  2014-05-20
Wuhu has won the title of "annual excellent city".

Qi Baishi art works to be exhibited in Anhui Museum  2014-05-20
105 art works along different themes by Qi Baishi, and collected by Liaoning Museum, will be exhibited in Anhui Museum on June 14.

Foreign tourists praise Lujiang countryside  2014-05-19
On May 10, the "Beauty of Sring" flower appreciation festival in Yeshan Mountain, Lujiang county, Anhui province, received more than 200 tourists.

Huoqiu county develops tourist attractions such as Shuimen Pond  2014-05-19
Huoqiu, a county with a rich history in Liu'an, Anhui province, has attracted a great deal of investment in its urban renewal and scenic spots construction projects over recent years.

Huangshan - Hangzhou railway starts construction in the second half of 2014  2014-05-19
It has recently been announced that a Huangshan-Hangzhou railway will start construction in 2014.

Picking loquats  2014-05-19
"Santan Loquat", loquat growing in Zhangtan, Miantan and Yuetan villages, is one of famous specialties produced in Anhui.

Anhui to host tourism carnival on 4th China Tourism Day  2014-05-16
In order to promote tourism development in Anhui and encourage the public to participate in leisure activities, Anhui Tourism Bureau will cooperate with 16 cities to host the Anhui Tourism Carnival.

Anhui Tourism Group sends special group on free trip  2014-05-16
May 19, 2014, is the fourth China Tourism Day. On that day, 45 selected "special teachers", "special assistants" and people who lost their only child will go on a free two-day trip to Tangmo Village near Huangshan Mountain,

Brazil World Cup tours unwanted  2014-05-16
Earlier this year, world cup tours were introduced by a travel agency in Anhui, but to date, very few football fans have signed up.