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Enchanted by waters of the Huangshan Furong Valley
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Tuojian, a beautiful peak of the Dabie Mountains
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Longhu Park

In the central-north of Anhui province, Huainan sits astride the Huaihe River. It has jurisdiction over six districts and one county.

With an area of 2,600 square km and a population of 2.3 million, Huainan boasts

Major tourist attractions in Huainan:
Huainan Bagong Mountain
Huainan Longhu Park
Huainan Jiaogang Lake Scenic Area 
Huainan Shangyao Forest Park

Huainan Maoxian Cave Tourism Area 

beautiful natural landscapes and abundant historical sites. The three dominant mountains, namely Bagong, Shungeng and Shangyao mountains, face one another. The three waterways, namely the Huaihe River, Gaotang Lake and Wabu Lake, are connected and combine to form the picturesque natural scenery. The major historical sites of Huainan are the Site of Ancient Shouzhou Kilns and Ancient Maoxian Cave.

Maoxian Cave

Source: Anhui Travel Guide