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Shengjin Lake wetland gets financial support
Updated: 2014-01-21

The Anhui Forestry Department recently announced that Shengjin Lake wetland has officially been included as part of the Phase V project of the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

This is the first time a wetland conservation project from Anhui has received GEF support. It will receive a $2.65 million grant for the next five years, mainly for biodiversity conservation and management of the Shengjin Lake wetland.

The Global Environment Facility (GEF), a United Nations-sponsored international environmental financial institution, will help developing countries implement prevention of climate change and protection of biological species and water resources by providing financial assistance and transfer of environmentally sound technologies.

"Strengthening the effectiveness of system management for the Chinese wetland conversation project" is the phase five project GEF has carried out in China. Shengjin Lake in Anhui is included in the six project sites.

The GEF has made a voluntary grant of $2.65 million, mainly for the foundation of wetland demonstration projects. The projects focus on conservation and management of biodiversity, enhancing the protection of 334,000 hectares of wetland areas.

Shengjin Lake, dubbed “China's Crane Lake,” is a national nature reserve and an important wetland internationally. It is also well-known as a popular ecological tourist attraction integrating science popularization, surveying, educational sightseeing and leisure.

Edited by Michael Thai, Huang Pei