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North Hefei to build new vineyard
Updated: 2013-10-28

The Graceman vineyard project was officially launched on October 19 north of Dongfang Avenue, Xinzhan district, Hefei city. By the end of 2014, citizens of Hefei can expect to see the first vineyard in Anhui province, which will cover approximately 66.7 hectares.

The vineyard is expected to serve as a multi-functional center for grape cultivation, wine production and sales, storage and logistics, wine tasting, and culture popularization. After the completion of the one-year project, visitors to the vineyard will be able to see a variety of grapes. There will also be a 3.2 hectare exhibition area aimed at popularizing wine culture.

The plan map outlines a stunning green vineyard with streams and European-style castles dotting the area. A “wine bank” will be established in the vineyard, providing private “accounts” for wine stored at constant temperatures.

North Hefei to build new vineyard

A simulated image of the vineyard, which will be the first in Anhui province when it opens in 2014.

Edited by Michael Thai, Huang Pei