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6 Anhui culture tour routes announced
Updated: 2011-02-24

On Feb 19, six newly-designed Anhui culture tour routes were unveiled by the Anhui provincial tourism administration at the 8th China Global Tours Forum. The new tours are:

R1: World heritage tour

R2: Historical relics tour

R3: Traditional Anhui opera tour

R4: Buddhist relics tour

R5: A trip to see the customs of northern Anhui province

R6: A trip following in the footsteps of ancient poets and writers

Hu Xuefan, director of the Anhui provincial tourism administration, said "Anhui is well positioned to develop such culture tours. The province is rich in tourism resources including history, culture, customs, religions, food, architecture and opera.”

At the forum, two new culture tour routes around Hefei also made their debut--“viewing Hefei through paintings” and “Images of Hefei”, which cover almost all local attractions, restaurants and famous entertainment spots. Tourists from home and abroad can dial the hotline number +86-551-3538 811 to make inquiries about their trips to Hefei.

Besides the routes issued above, Tang Jianjiang from the Hefei municipal tourism administration revealed that they had designed an additional five local routes for tourists to choose from: the Hefei world heritage tour, historical relics tour, Hefei leisure tour, Buddhist relics tour, and a tour to Dabie Mountain revolutionary bases.

By Shi Qian and Audrey