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Maren Mountain Forest Park

Maren Mountain Forest Park
Spring at Maren Mountain (by Liu Shengshan)

Maren Mountain Scenic Area is located on the southern bank of the Yangtze River, where Fanchang, Tongling and Nanling counties of Anhui province meet. A wonderful combination of famous mountain peaks and rivers and the simplicity of the surrounding countryside, it enjoys a reputation as "Zhangjiajie in South Anhui and Lesser Huangshan Mountain by the Yangtze River." It covers a total area of 3.3 square km.

Maren Mountain Forest Park Admission ticket price:
  80 yuan/person for individuals
  60 yuan/person for groups
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As the only provincial-level forest park in Wuhu, the scenic zone is richly endowed with animal and plant resources. It is home to some rare animals, such as vultures, ring-necked pheasants, roes, deer, giant salamanders, white-breasted foxes and pangolins; and to over 600 plant species representing 68 families, of which merely the natural woody plants constitute dozens of distinct varieties. It is covered with flourishing evergreen woods, with a forest coverage as high as 95 percent.

The scenic area has unique landforms, and features the steep and lofty peaks and oddly shaped outcrops, the flourishing trees and green bamboos, the rare birds and animals and the gurgling springs running through the old temples. In addition, the Blessing Cauldron, known as the "No. 1 Incense Burner in China" is a must-see. It is 9.9 meters high and weighs 88 tons. On its surface the Chinese character (meaning blessing in English) is repeated 999 times, and inside there is an exhibition hall with an area of 48 square meters, where some precious cultural relics unearthed in the inverted-Y-shaped cave and the valuable data with regard to those on-the-spot pictures taken when Chinese and foreign specialists were exploring and excavating the cave are on display. The Blessing Cauldron leads the world in terms of its originality, molding technology, volume and weight.

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Maren Mountain Forest Park
Maren Stone House
Maren Mountain Forest Park
National Forest Park “Maren Peak”

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