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Gujing Liquor Cultural Museum

Gujing Liquor Cultural Museum Admission ticket price:
  20 yuan per person
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Gujing Liquor Cultural Museum in Gujing Town of Bozhou consists of the southern and northern parts. The northern part is the exhibition area of the Old Well Park with modern brewing technology.

Visitors can see both the mechanics and labor involved in brewing Gujing Liquor. The major tourist attractions are the Old Well Park, the automatic bottling workshop and the brewing workshop. The southern part includes the Museum of the Chinese Old Well Wine Culture and the brewing technologies of ancient times. Taking the culture of the Old Well Wine as a prime example, the entire area demonstrates the profoundness of the Chinese wine culture.

Gujing Liquor Cultural Museum

Gujing Liquor Cultural Museum

Known as No. 1 Wine Museum in China, the Old Well Wine Culture Museum is a key part here. It houses numerous old rare drinking vessels and an old wine cellar pond of the Ming Dynasty (1368—1644), with the longest continuous time in China. The museum has a well-conceived layout.

Some cases in point are the grand Han-style gate and the Qing-style corridors crowded with steles and reliefs. The exhibition hall on the first floor shows the organic combination of the Chinese wine culture and the Gujing wine culture. The exhibition hall on the second floor exhibits the Development History of Gujinggong Wine, Collection of Famous Wines, and Gujing Wine Art Gallery.

Gujing Liquor Cultural Museum

Source: Anhui Tour Guide