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Trendy & innovative K&Q Hotel comes to Hefei
Updated: 2014-06-03

Trendy & innovative K&Q Hotel comes to Hefei
Interior design of K&Q Hotel

On May 25, a brand promotional event and investment attracting dinner party of the K&Q Hotel was held in Hefei city.

K&Q Hotel provides an innovative theme in each of its stores and a unique design in each of its rooms. As a pioneer in China's trendy and innovative hotels, K&Q Hotel integrates themes, arts, trends, intelligence and the Internet of Things. The professional managerial team, advanced technological support, modern operational pattern and innovative development strategy of the Mengtai hotel management company make it possible that K&Q will lead the trend in the domestic hotel market in future years.

After scanning their QR code from the hotel, customers can control their TVs, music, air conditioners, and curtains with their own smart phone and fingerprints. Also, the K&Q Hotel has developed its own PMS (Property Management System), so that online bookings are more convenient.

K&Q aims to be both trendy and classic. Each room offers a different sensory experience with its unique designs. Customers can choose to "live" in the future or the past, in the period of the Republic of China or the Han Dynasty, in the forest or underneath the ocean. In addition to high quality room service, a bar, customized services and the Internet of Things are also available. The stylish and chic design, together with a romantic and cozy environment, make K&Q seem like a dreamlike paradise.

Trendy & innovative K&Q Hotel comes to Hefei
K&Q Hotel