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Anhui province: Bus pass and expressway ETC card to become one
Updated: 2014-01-20

At an Anhui province transportation conference on January 14, it was announced that in 2014, preliminary works for airports in Benghu, Haozhou and Wuxuan will be carried out. Work to broaden the Hening, Hewu and He’an expressways is also likely to begin.

The three expressways are expected to be broadened from four lanes to nine lanes. Other important projects such as preliminary work for the Jianghuai Canal are also under way. At the same time, works will be carried out to enhance preliminary work on roads connecting Anhui with other provinces to maximize the grid’s efficiency.

Research is being done to combine the buss pass and the expressway ETC card. If successful, the combination will help solve many problems. One can expect that, with one single card, a person can take the bus, railway, taxi and even pass expressways without pause. Also, information technology will play a more important role in the field of transportation. This will enable drivers to pay their bills more conveniently.

In 2013, Hefei city joined the second group of transit metropolis demonstration cities. By 2017, there will be 12 more high-speed bus lanes, 20 more bus routes and 50 more bus routes in developing areas outside the city.

Services such as smart bus stops, My Bus (a phone application) and free Wi-Fi that were introduced in 2013 will continue being developed.

Edited by Michael Thai, Huang Pei