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Winter travels in Anhui are colorful and enjoyable
Updated: 2013-12-26

Winter travel is great for visitors who want to experience the wonders of winter in Anhui Province and don't mind the cold weather.

On December 19, the 2013-2014 Anhui Winter Tour Promotion Meeting was held in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Park located in Changfeng county. Zhang Xueping, Deputy Director of Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration, as well as the leaders of municipal & county tourism administrations, travelling agencies and media reporters were present at the meeting.

Anhui province has launched a series of winter tour promotion activities to attract more and more tourists to come to the province. Here, we are delighted to recommend a range of winter holiday destinations and tourist activities to satisfy the desires of coming tourists.

In Southern Anhui

Winter is the best time to see some foggy mountain snowscapes. The snowy mountainous sceneries of Huangshan Mountain,Jiuhua Mountain and Tianzhu Mountain in Anhui are among the best.

Winter travels in Anhui are colorful and enjoyable
Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain is a popular destination all the year round. Gnarled pines, oddly-jagged rocks, strange-shaped stones, sea of clouds, hot springs and snowscape are the five highlights of the mountain. Huangshan Mountain changes into a picture that sliver peaks are embraced by frost and ice in winter. Travelers are very happy when seeing snowy mountainous sceneries and rare rime in the scenic area.

Winter travels in Anhui are colorful and enjoyable
Tianzhu Mountain

Located in the southwestern Anhui, Tianzhu Mountain becomes a crystal world after snow in winter. When snow falls, the mountain is transformed into a beautiful ice sculpture. Standing on top of the mountain, travellers will see a winter wonderland.

Winter travels in Anhui are colorful and enjoyable
Jiuhua Mountain

Jiuhua Mountain in winter is also beautiful. The scenic area will launch several promotion activities such as New Year's bell blessing Journey, View of the Buddhist Snowscape Tour, the Tour of the Heavenly Terrace etc. Besides, the scenic area will make special offers on accommodation and admission fees.

In Central Anhui

In central Anhui, citizens and tourists are recommended to come and buy New Year goods, taste delicious local foods--a tofu feast in Shouxian County and Sanhe delicacies, watch the Lantern Carnivals, visit the Tourism Shopping Exhibition, the Taiwanese Specialties Carnival, Luzhou Lantern Festival and Sanhe Folk Arts Festival etc., which will bring the participants and audience endless joy.

The local people and tourists will be happy to come to Chaohu city and Lujiang county, which are dotted with hot springs. Bathing in the hot springs has a lot of health benefits, including curing skin diseases.

In Northern Anhui

A series of cultural tourist activities in Northern Anhui filled with rich folk customs. Bozhou City introduced into scenic areas with Intangible Cultural Heritages, and will launch the Local Folklore Tour Week – Seven-day Spring Fun activity etc. Fuyang City will carry out promotion activities such as Yingshang Lantern Drum performances, 2014 Lantern Festival of Fuyang Ecological Park, West Lake Folk Performances and some other activities. And the scenic areas will give discount on admission fees.

The winter tourism promotion activities will last until March 15, 2014. Tourists can get special offers on accommodation and admission fees during the period.

In addition, the tourist scenic areas, travel agencies, star-grade hotel in Anhui Province will improve their service qualities and take effective measures to ensure the safety of tourists.

By The Information Center of Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration