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Illustrious minister from the Hu family
Updated: 2013-11-25

Hu Fu (1453-1530), a member of the 30th generation of Hus, was the family's first minister from Longchuan, Anhui province, one who was known for his honesty and upright behavior even in retirement.

Hu first began writing poetry at the age of 7 and passed the county imperial examination at the age of 13, and was considered a child prodigy by his neighbors. By the age of 25, he had become a success in the highest imperial examination, and left his hometown to take an official position.

His first term in office, he dealt with cases that were wrongly, falsely and unjustly repudiated in Fujian, put down rebellions of the Yao ethnic group, and led a move to reclaim a large amount of farmland in Longshui (Luoding city), Guangdong province, while maintaining peace and stability and gaining fame for his political achievements.

He was transferred to Nanjing in 1512, where he served as the census minister until his retirement at the age of 71. When he returned to the countryside, Hu made a living by mowing and raising fish.

Once, when the emperor at the time dispatched a man to find the elusive Hu, the man came across an old man walking barefoot across a stream with a bundle of grass on his shoulder, who was none other than Hu. Upon hearing this, the emperor was so moved by Hu's behavior that he ordered the building of an 'Office Bridge' near Hu's home so that his incorruptible manner could be passed from one generation to the next.

Hu dies in 1530, at the age of 77 and was given a high ranking honorary title of Taizi Shaobao, which entailed that Hu was responsible for the safety of the crown prince. In addition, there is an Yishi Minister Arch in the heart of the village to memorialize Hu Fu's achievements, as well as those of another famous minister from the Hu family, Hu Zongxian.

Illustrious minister from the Hu family
Yishi Minister Arch (By Le Qin)

Illustrious minister from the Hu family
Hu Family Ancestral Hall (By Le Qin)

By Le Qin

Edited by Roger Bradshaw, Huang Pei