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Six special Huangshan tour itineraries
Updated: 2013-11-22

The city of Huangshan is one of most popular tourist destinations in Anhui province, and six special tour itineraries – aimed at suiting different tastes and requirements - are particularly recommended:

1) Classic world heritage

Huangshan scenic spot – Hongcun village – Xidi village – Tangyue Archway Group, Bao Family Garden – Huashan Mountain Mysterious Grottos – Tunxi Old Street – artistic performance Picturesque Huizhou – Xin’an River Night Trip

2) Two mountains and a lake

Hefei – Jiuhua Mountain – Taiping Lake – Huangshan scenic spot – Xin’an River waterfront scenic spot – Huizhou ancient city – Longchuan village of Jixi county

3) Family itinerary

Liyang leisure area – Huizhou Cultural Museum – Huangshan Songbai Golf Village Club – Huangshan Drunk Hot Spring Resort – laser show Huizhou Eternal Mystery – Tunxi Old Street – Qiyun Mountain

4) Huizhou culture

Xidi village – Nanping village – artistic performance Hongcun A Ju – Residential Houses of Qiankou town – Chengkan town – Xie Yuda Tea Museum – Huizhou Ancient City

5) Picturesque scenery drive

Tianzhu Mountain – Huangshan Tiger Park – Huangshan Hot Spring – Feicui (Emerald) Valley – Wood Pit Bamboo Sea – Ta Kwu Ling – Lixi village – Guniujiang Nature Reserve

6) Photography itinerary

Pingshan Mountain – Xiuli Movie and TV village – Tachuan village – Tangmo village – Fengle Lake – Xiongcun village – Shitan village – Xin’an River

Six special Huangshan tour itineraries
Huangshan scenic spot (By Le Qin)

Six special Huangshan tour itineraries
Xidi (By Le Qin)

Six special Huangshan tour itineraries
Hongcun (By Le Qin)

By Le Qin

Edited by Niva Whyman, Huang Pei