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Wanda Cultural Tourism City may settle into newly-listed plot
Updated: 2013-09-25

Aspiring to become an updated version of Disneyland, Wanda Cultural Tourism City will settle in Binhu New District, Hefei city, Anhui province.

The specific location of the tourism city still remains unknown. But the Hefei Land Department is planning to list a plot of more than 40.02 hectares, whose transfer conditions match surprisingly well with the highly-anticipated project.

The plot is located east of Luzhou Avenue, Binhu New District, and north of Yun'gu Road. It is adjacent to Huanhu North Road and Baohe Avenue. The suggested total price for the plot is 730 million yuan ($120 million). It has a bidding deposit of 150 million yuan. Instead of a complete land parcel, the plot is actually composed of five separate parts, with an artificial lake in the middle.

The transfer conditions of this block are quite demanding. The bidder has to be a corporate legal person with: 1. Registered capital of more than 3.5 billion yuan 2. Shopping center whose construction area is over 1 million square meters (furniture or building material shopping mall and wholesale market not included) 3. Total income in the culture industry in 2012 of more than 5 billion yuan

All these conditions are met by the Wanda Culture City project.

Earlier in May, Wanda signed a contract with the Hefei government to build the theme park, which will contain an indoor water park, two film and science and technology museums, 40 hectares of theme park, 30 hectares of hotel area and 100,000 square meters of shopping center. When the contract was signed, it was only clear that the project would settle on the north coast of Chaohu Lake. But this time, it is almost certain that the plot being listed will be its home.

The plot will be listed on October 17. Once the transfer is completed, the bidder has to start construction within four months after signing the contract, and to officially open the park by the first season of 2017.

Edited by Michael Thai, Huang Pei