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Nine-dragon Waterfall in Huangshan Mountain

The Huangshan Waterfalls is a spectacular tourist spot, with three waterfalls as the most famous ones, namely the Jiulong Waterfall (Nine-dragon Waterfall), the Renzi Waterfall, and the Baizhang Waterfall.

The Jiulong Waterfall is situated between the Luohan Peak (Arhat Peak) and the Xianglu Peak (Incense Burner Peak), hanging down from cliffs thousands of meters high. It has nine curves, each forming a pool underneath. Therefore, the waterfall is made up of nine cascades and nine pools, known as Nine-Dragon Waterfall. After heavy rain, the rushing waterfall looks like nine white dragons, flying down from the sky. Its beauty can match that of the Lushan Waterfall.

Photos by Xiaofangbing