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Jinghu Lake Park

Jinghu Lake Park
Jinghu Lake Park

The Jinghu Lake Park, located in the center of Wuhu city, has a water area of some 15.33 hectares and a land area of about 3.33 hectares. The major tourist attractions in the park include the Yingbin Pavilion, Guanlan Pavilion, Liuchun Garden, Gaozhi Garden, Buyue Bridge, Chimu Pavilion, Buwen Pavilion, Yanyu Mound, and Wuhu Painting and Calligraphy Academy. The lake is close to the bustling Zhongshan Commercial Pedestrian Street and the Jiuzi Square. Known as the "bright pearl" of Wuhu, the Jinghu Lake Park was the first park open to the public free of charge in Wuhu city.

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The Jinghu Lake Park is adjacent to Zheshan Mountain to the north and the Yishui River to the south. When spring is on its way, the willows around the lake turn green. Numerous soft branches wave in the spring breeze and are mirrored by the rippling water, just like an enchanting painting scroll. The "thin willow branches of the Jinghu Lake" is known as one of the "eight famous scenes of Wuhu". The green areas in the park come to more than 2,000 square meters and its landscaping planning is unique. For example, on the basis of retaining the existing arbores, the trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns, by combining patterns with blocks, are well matched with each other, producing a tranquil and elegant scene peculiar to the gardens in the area south of the Yangtze River. All of these combine to make the Jinghu Lake even more beautiful.

Jinghu Lake Park
Jiuzi Square at Jinghu Lake Park
Jinghu Lake Park

Source: Anhui Travel Guide