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Huangcangyu Scenic Area

Huangcangyu Scenic Area Admission ticket price: 40 yuan
Huangcangyu Scenic Area Tel:  86-557-5960-266
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In the southeast of Xiaoxian county, the Huangcangyu Scenic Area is 50 km from Suzhou and 25 km from Huaibei, with an area of 22.76 square km. As a national forest park, the valley in the mountains integrates a historical and cultural heritage under protection and natural scenic spots.

The Huangcangyu Scenic Area got its name from the yellow mulberry trees which once sheeted the valley. It is renowned for its "wonderful, elegant and steep" scenery around the Huaihai Tourism Area. The valley teems with precipitous peaks, rolling mountains, tranquil caves, gurgling springs and old flourishing trees. The major tourist attractions include the Huangzang Cave, Ruiyun Temple, Bajian Spring, Tianmen Temple and Ground for Sunning Books. The Large Temple Fair is held at the Tianmen Temple on the 16th day of the third lunar month each year.

Huangcangyu Scenic Area
Huangcangyu Scenic Area

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