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Pear Orchard in Dangshan Mountain

Situated at the northernmost end of Suzhou city where Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui provinces meet, the Pear Orchard is an ecological tourism site of fruit trees, integrating the natural landscapes and agricultural ecological protection. With an area of some 46,700 hectares, it attracts groups of visitors with its fascinating scenery. When spring comes, white pear blossoms, pink peach blossoms and golden rape flowers contend in beauty, forming an intoxicating painting scroll. Crisp pears produced in Dangshan Mountain are large in size and golden in color, with white pulp and a sweet taste; hence the pears are the good gifts to be presented to relatives and friends.

The Pear Orchard boasts the natural scenery of the old course of the Yellow River and rich historical and cultural connotations. The old course of the Yellow River in this area extends some 46.6 km. The major tourist attractions include the Fruit Self-picking Orchard, Tribute Pear Orchard, Fruit Orchard, Pear Museum and Scenery Watching Platform, in addition to many historical sites, such as Junpu Compound, Tomb of Xue Xian, a general of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Sansheng Well and Hometown of Zhu Wen (852-912, King of the Later Liang Kingdom of the Five Dynasties Period (907-960).

Pear Orchard in Dangshan Mountain
Pear Orchard in Dangshan Mountain

Source: Anhui Travel Guide