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Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Hall

Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Hall Admission ticket price:
  80 yuan per person
  Free ticket: children, the handicapped,
  senior citizens above 70 years

Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Hall Tel: 

The Memorial Hall of Wang Jiaxiang (1906-1974, an outstanding proletarian revolutionary of China) is located on the campus of the Wuhu No. 11 Middle School at the foot of the Lion Mountain of Wuhu city, Anhui province.

It covers an area of 1.24 hectares and has a floorage area of some 1,500 square meters, and principally consists of an exhibition room dedicated to Wang Jiaxiang's life, a comprehensive hall and a collection hall.

Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Hall

The exhibition hall devoted to the life of Wang Jiaxiang is the main body of the memorial hall, and it is composed of six exhibition areas, where more than 100 precious items left by Wang Jianxiang, his 96 important letters and articles, over 200 photos, and over 1,200 copies of books are on display.

Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Hall

His story is vividly brought to life through pictures and personal artifacts, as well as by audio, video, optical and electrical technologies.

Source: Anhui Tour Guide