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Wuliu Scenic Area

Wuliu Scenic Area Admission ticket price:
  10 yuan per person
Wuliu Scenic Area Ticket of bamboo raft: 
15 yuan per person

Wuliu Scenic Area Tel 86-773-5821-789

Located at the confluence of Jiagou Town, Fuli Town and Caocun Town, northwest of Yongqiao District, the Wuliu Scenic Area is 30 km from the downtown area of Suzhou and 20 km from Huaibei. The scenic area which integrates a nature reserve, and scenic and historical interest sites, is a leisure and vacation resort with a rich culture.

Wuliu Scenic Area

With an area of 46 square km, the scenic area takes Longquan Lake at the core including the Temple of Min Ziqian, the home village of Empress Ma Xiuying (1332-1382) whose husband is Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and Liugou Temple and Dafang temples. There are over 20 tourist attractions in the scenic area, such as the willow forest on the lake, Magic Pearl Spring, Black Dragon Spurting Water, Mirror Pool of Empress Ma, and Longquan Lake.

Wuliu Scenic Area

The stone landscapes include the Two Fairies Having Pun, A Flock of Cattle Lying on the Slope Lotus Flowers Worshipping Buddha, A Hawk Enjoying the Scenery, A Fishing Mound of Jiang Taigong (1211-1072 B.C.), who was a famous militarist, A Tiger Climbing the Mountain, An Apricot Tree Growing from Rocks and Cliffs Cut by Eeities, in addition to the Guolao, Qinshan and Fangya karst caves.

Source: Anhui Tour Guide