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Feather Fan

Feather fan, a conventional Chinese artwork, is originated from Hefei, Anhui province. The raw materials for this traditional art are mainly collected from poultries, especially from the geese. After some basic processings, such as cleaning, coloring and so on, this traditional craftwork is then presented to customers.

Feather fans have a long history. Before 1950s, they were mainly produced by private agencies. Later, they were manufactured by factories, which were set up by the local government. In 1970s, those fans were exported to Southeast Asia.

However, in the wake of the popularity of electronic fans, the production of feather fans suffered greatly and the factories and its employees in the industry experienced a difficult time. But as the tourism industry flourished, The traditional feather fans gained revival.

Feather fans, generating gentle wind, are suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, infants and the sick.

Feather Fan
Feather fan