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Ziwei Cave Tourism Area

Ziwei Cave Tourism Area

Ziwei Cave Tourism Area Admission ticket price:
  60 yuan/person 

Ziwei Cave Tourism Area Opening time:
8:00—16:45 each day

Ziwei Cave in the northern suburbs of Chaohu City extends about 1,500 meters. It is a typical water-eroded cave. The whole tourism area integrates natural scenery and historical sites into one unit, consisting of ten large caves, 36 major scenic spots and 72 secondary views.

Ziwei Cave Tourism Area

Of these, the must-sees are the "four wonders" (i.e. the channel, plank and canal overhead, the canopy made of a jade spiral shell, the straw-shaped stone, and the waterfall which seemingly comes from the sky) and "three marvels" (i.e. the bridge equipped with an iron chain bridge, the double well-like exits of the Ziwei Cave, and the underground river).

In addition, other scenic beauties include the Listening to the Surfing Waves at the Longtan Lake, Monkeys Worshipping the Buddha, Dalongqiu Waterfall in the Cave, Nine-Dragon Wall, stone grapes, stone pleated skirt, stone needles, stone bamboo shoots, the God of Longevity in the Gourd, the Monkey Fishing for the Moon from the Well, and the Piggy Looking at Himself in the Mirror.