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Xiaogang Village

Xiaogang Village

This village lies 15km east of the county seat of Fengyang, Chuzhou city.

Xiaogang Village Admission ticket price:
  50 yuan per person
  Free ticket: senior citizens above 70 years
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On November 24, 1978, its 18 villagers impressed their fingerprints onto a piece of paper with red ink to express their determination to follow the household contract responsibility system with remuneration linked to production (which means "Dabaogan" in Chinese), marking the prelude to China's rural reform. In order to record, reflect and remember this part of history, Anhui province, Chuzhou city, and Fengyang county jointly invested in building the "Dabaogan" Memorial Hall.

Xiaogang Village

The memorial hall was open to the public on June 19, 2005, with a floorage of about two square km. It comprises the main exhibition hall, multi-purpose hall, attached hall for exhibitions and dining hall.

The main exhibition hall consists of three exhibition areas (Choice, Pursuing the Dream, and Loving Concern) and a large group sculpture entitled "18 Red Hand Imprints", truly illustrating Dabaogan's soul-stirring historical process of ferment and development in that year. Some precious pictures and historical data concerned were made public for the first time. This memorial hall has been designated as a base for patriotic education of Anhui Province.

Source: Anhui Tour Guide