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Mushan Island Resort
Mushan Island Resort
The Mushan Island Resort
The Mushan Island Resort is situated in center of the Chaohu Lake. Rolling hills, glittering waters, azure skies and ancient buildings combine to constitute intoxicating scenery. Mushan, Gushan and Xieshan hills look like three pieces of crystal jade inlaid at the heart of the lake, echoing with the Guzhong Temple of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) on the northern bank and tirelessly telling those old and moving stories to the visitors.
Mushan Island Resort
Mushan Island Resort
Mushan Island, the centerpiece of the resort, is blessed with many picturesque vistas, such as meandering roads in emerald hills, slender bamboos and wavering trees in a distance, a fishing village, an old dock, and an ancient temple and pagoda. The resort is very appealing at dawn, at dusk and under the moonlight.
Source: Anhui Travel Guide