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Huayang Cave of Baochan Mountain

Huayang Cave of Baochan Mountain
Entrance of the Huayang Cave

Huayang Cave of Baochan Mountain Admission ticket price:
  35 yuan

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Huayang Cave, the main tourist attraction in Baochan Mountain, lies 7.5 km northeast of the county seat of Hanshan. It is famous for the hanging stalactites and grotesquely shaped rocks in its interior.

The cave is about 1,600 meters long. Smaller caves are to be found inside, all connected by running water upon which boats can convey visitors from one to another. This whole cave has 10 scenic areas offering 102 Yinping Mountain views, each having its own distinctive features. They can be divided into three different parts, namely, the front cave, rear cave, and skylight part.

Huayang Cave of Baochan Mountain
Huayang Cave

Traveling through the cave by boat is a very interesting experience. Wang Anshi, a politician and writer of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), once paid a visit here and wrote an essay called Travel Notes on Baochan Mountain, which still enjoys a great reputation today. Therefore, visiting this mountain, one enjoys not only the picturesque natural scenery, but also experiences the wonderful feelings described in that famous literary work.

Huayang Cave of Baochan Mountain
"The First Cave under Heaven"
Huayang Cave of Baochan Mountain

Source: Anhui Travel Guide