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Wuhu city

Major tourist attractions in Wuhu:
Wuhu Jinghu Lake Park
Wuhu Maren Mountain Forest Park
Wuhu Wuhu Fantawild Adventure Theme Park
Wuhu Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Hall

Wuhu Zheshan Scenic Area

In the southeast of Anhui province and the center of east China, Wuhu city is on the southern bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Wuhu borders the picturesque Huangshan and Jiuhua mountains and Taiping Lake in the south, and the rich Yangtze-Huaihe-River Plain in the north. It exercises its jurisdiction over three counties (Wuhu, Fanchang and Nanling) and four districts (Jinghu, Yijiang, Jiujiang and Sanshan). The total area of the city comes to 3,318 square km.

Wuhu is a city with long history and rich culture. The Y-shaped cave in Wuhu, with a history of some 2.5 million year, represents the earliest Palaeoanthropological ruins ever discovered in Asia. With green mountains and crystal clear waters, Wuhu is famous for its fascinating scenery. For instance, the Zheshan Mountain Scenic Area, located in the downtown area, is carpeted with exuberant plants and dotted with peaceful temples and neat teahouses. When wandering inside, visitors can not only enjoy a sudden sense of tranquility and leisureliness within a bustling city, but also comprehend the profoundness of Chinese culture.

Meanwhile, the Fantawild Adventure Theme Park, the largest of its kind in Asia, has more high-tech facilities and water features than any of its kind. There are 15 themed tourism areas and more than 50 leisure facilities. Visitors can step back into the era when dinosaurs roamed the earth, take off on a space journey, find out the secrets of the stunts they see in movies and teleplays, and experience the wonder and excitement of science fictions. All the people, young or old, man or woman, can find some interesting activities with which to amuse themselves.

Wuhu Fantawild Adventure Park

Situated in the center of Wuhu city, the Jiuzi Square, Zhongshan Road Commercial Pedestrian Street and Fenghuang Snacks each have an individual flavor, and are popular places for people to take a stroll, do some shopping, or be entertained.

Wuhu Jiuzi Square

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