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Mozitan Reservoir

Lying in the northern foot of Dabie Mountain in West Anhui, Lu’an is the central city in the Dabieshan region exercising jurisdiction over two districts (Jin’an and Yu’an) and five counties (Shouxian, Huoqiu, Jinzhai, Huoshan and Shucheng), as well as the Lu’an Economic and Technological Development Area and the Yeji Reform and Development Experimental Area. The total population is 6.8 million.

Major tourist attractions in Lu'an:
Lu’an Dabie Mountain Geological Park
Lu’an Wanfo Mountain
Lu’an Tiantangzhai Scenic Area
Lu’an West Anhui Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs

A place of strategic significance in history, Lu’an now is well known as an old revolutionary base area, the homeland of the Red Army and the cradle of many famous early generals of the PRC. Lu’an contains many scenic and historic interest spots, such as the Tiantangzhai National Forest Park, Wanfo Mountain and Tongluozhai village.

Additionally, Shouxian, a historical and cultural city, boasts the only intact ancient wall of the Song Dynasty (960—1279) in China and a number of key historic revolutionary sites at provincial level or above, which record the stirring events of heroism among the revolutionary martyrs in West Anhui during China’s revolutionary war.

The ancient town, residential dwellings and tombs here confirm the long history of Lu’an, while the local folk traditions and customs, folk songs and folk rhymes can help us experience how hospitable, sincere and bold and unconstrained the local people are.

Lu’an, old but full of vigor and vitality, welcomes guests from all directions.

Walled Tongluo Scenic Area
Walled Tongluo Grand Canyon

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