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Located at the northern end of Anhui where Anhui meets Jiangsu, Shandong and Henan provinces, Suzhou is 184.6 km from east to west and is 151.2 km from south to north. It has a total population of 5.631 million.

Major tourist attractions in Suzhou:
Suzhou Wuliu Scenic Area
Suzhou Huangcangyu Scenic Area
Suzhou Pear Orchard in Dangshan Mountain

A long history has bestowed a rich culture in Suzhou. The main tourist attractions include the Shegu Platform in the south of Suzhou, which was built by Chen Sheng and Wu Guang when they made an alliance to launch the uprising against the Qin Dynasty (221—206 BC); the Huangcangyu Scenic Area, a national forest park in the north, where Liu Bang (256—195 BC), founder of the Han Dynasty (206 BC—AD 220), avoided the troops of the Qin Dynasty; the Tomb of Yu Ji in the east; the Yanxi Platform in the west, where the famous poet Li Bai (701—762)  drank wine and wrote poetry; Tomb of Yu Ji; Tomb of Nine Ladies; Tanhua Lin’s Mansion (Tanhua refers to a man who won the third place in an imperial examination); Temple and Tomb of Min Ziqian (536—487 BC), one of Confucius’ students; and the Donglin Thatched Cottage where the famous poet Bai Juyi (772—846) once lived for many years.

Huangcangyu Scenic Area

Source: Anhui Travel Guide